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Navigating Family Changes: Experienced Newfoundland and Labrador Family Lawyers at Your Side

Compassionate guidance through family transitions with our experienced family law team.

We recognize the turmoil that comes with family breakdown. Beyond the legal complexities, we understand the emotional upheaval – the anger, sadness, and concern for your family’s future. The family lawyers at Orr Cabot Crosbie Oley Law are experienced in navigating both the practical and emotional hurdles that come with these transitions. Let us be your dedicated advocates, offering compassionate guidance and clear strategies to help you find the path forward during this difficult time.

You may feel overwhelmed, lost, or unsure about your future. The legal system can be confusing, and the stakes surrounding your family feel impossibly high. We are here to listen, to explain your legal rights in plain terms, and to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions. Our goal is not only to help you navigate the legal process but also to collaborate with you in building a plan that allows you to confidently move towards a secure and stable future for you and your loved ones.

At our core, we understand that compassionate support is as essential as legal expertise. We don’t just handle cases, we work with people going through life-altering transitions. We personalize our approach to your unique needs, prioritize open communication, and maintain responsiveness at every step of your case. Let us be the strength and stability you deserve during this challenging time.

Family Law

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Our Family Law Services

The family lawyers at Orr Cabot Crosbie Oley are able to handle all elements of family law in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our family law practice includes the following aspects:

Negotiating Agreements

We advocate for your best interests to secure fair and lasting agreements that minimize conflict.

Separation and Divorce

We guide you through the separation or divorce process, offering both legal expertise and compassionate support.

Property Division

We help you navigate complex asset division, protecting your rights and working towards equitable outcomes.


We prioritize your children's well-being, helping you establish custody and parenting plans that serve their best interests.

Division of Business Assets

We safeguard your financial future by carefully valuing and advocating for fair distribution of business interests.


We guide you through the legal complexities of relocation, protecting your parental rights and ensuring the best for your child.

Child Support

We ensure fair child support arrangements that prioritize your children's financial security and well-being.

Partner or Spousal Support

We advocate for your financial stability and fair spousal support agreements, whether you're the paying or receiving party.

Child Protection Matters

We offer compassionate representation in sensitive child protection cases, protecting your parental rights and your child's well-being.


Our team provides clear guidance through the legal complexities of adoption, helping you build your family with confidence.

Fertility Law

We offer expertise in understanding and navigating the legal landscape of fertility treatments and surrogacy.


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